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YEAH! B52s fans: Got my Fred Schneider’s Monster Blend coffee from Breyting Community Roasters today! I can not wait to taste it, but it will have to wait till morning.


gold slide representing mortality and immortality, circa 1640


Seafood Tonight 
Octopus | Artsy
Thank you to my dear friend Carolyn for finding these amazing skull busts and SENDING THEM to me! Literally overjoyed! I can’t begin to find the words. And no, I did not “already have them.” I love you friend :)

Debbie Harry photographed by Jimmy DeSana (1977)

(Source: auntjohn, via popsixsquishcicerolipschitz)

Keith Haring LP art. All that I can remember anyway. Which ones did I forget? #keithharing. #haring #malcommclaren #buffalogals #buffaloboys #popart #coverart #eighties #80s